Data Consulting and Enrichment

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Data Consulting

Today most of the publishers use PDF format to publish their documents on the internet. Do you know that there are other formats available that can increase user productivity and document usability? We have worked with variety of document types including but not limited to Technical Standards, Codes, Laws and Regulations, Company Manuals etc. and enhanced them for better usability.

We will analyze your documents (taxonomy, structure, linking) and implement an optimized transition path to data formats that most benefits you e.g. XML (including schemas if not available), XHTML, ePub, RTF, XLS etc. The output format can also be consumed by our suggested platform that provide various usability and revenue generating features.

Data Enrichment

The latest data trend is to convert data to XML. To be effective, XML must comply to the schema governed by the delivery platform* or other sub-systems properly. Sometimes, current XML may need to be further enhanced to cater to third party sub-system's needs (i.e. additional elements and attributes based on rules and patterns).

Edaptive can develop schema from scratch, or enhance, refine or repair current schema to provide better linking, searches, extraction, embedding, etc. Edaptive will create a perfect XML DTD or Schema that will include the elements necessary for effectively utilizing your XML output.

* The Edaptive online subscription platform is an example of an XML delivery platform that provides functionality designed to enable end users to fully exploit your information through enhanced research, collaboration, personalization, and other productivity enhancing features and tools.

There may be a need to update your style sheets from time to time as your solutions mature through customer feedback and your experience grows. Edaptive can provide this support.

Contact Edaptive today to discuss DTD / Schema development, refinement, repair, or maintenance options.

Project Management

Edaptive will keep you involved and informed throughout the design, deployment, and go-to-market stages of your XML initiative. It's up to you on the level of your involvement in the process!

Go-To-Market Planning and Deployment

Creating, marketing, selling, and supporting subscriptions requires different strategies and skills than those needed for individual documents. Edaptive doesn't provide the platform and leave you to figure out the rest. In addition to the technology, Edaptive can provide the expertise and experience needed to effectively take your exciting new subscription products to market. Based on your resource constraints and market dynamics Edaptive can help you:

• Analyze your and your resellers individual document sales

• Analyze subscription sales made by your resellers

• Identify potential customers for your subscription service

• Create and implement a marketing plan. Adjust and update as needed

• Define and create new subscription products

• Create scalable pricing models

• Sell your subscription products from the leads generated

• Renew and upsell existing subscriptions

• Provide usage reporting with analysis and conclusions

• Provide customer support (email, phone, web)

• Provide training for appropriate staff, (e.g., executives, customer support, finance, product management, marketing, licensing, etc.), committees, and board members.

• Create annual business plans or business cases for the creation of new products and sales of existing products

• Review progress to business plan. Adjust and update as needed


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