Data Conversion

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Why XML?

While PDF and other formats are still viable and widely used, it is becoming increasingly important for technical publishers to consider producing XML/HTML formatted content given its many benefits:

• Enables more efficient and effective web and mobile access and use

• Enhances discoverability and usability of content when delivered through capable delivery platforms

• Provides a Write Once Reuse Many (WORM) publishing solution. XML content can be automated to output to multiple formats (online, mobile, print and ePub) reducing the time it would otherwise take to process each one individually, removing potential inconsistencies, reducing the cost to create and publish, and improving time to market

• Provides flexibility that enables publishers to develop new and innovative, value-add services, creating new revenue opportunities

• Can be provided to licensed distributors of your content as the "official" XML/HTML version (for fee or free) to ensure accuracy and consistency for your content's end users

• Positions your publishing operation for the future!

Conversion Services

Edaptive provides a range of services designed to help you transition your content from its current format to XML by designing, implementing, and managing an architecture that works best for your content. Edaptive will help you set goals, identify opportunities and constraints in your processes, and avoid complexity. Services also include assisting publishers who have already moved, or are in the process of moving, to XML and need assistance to either refine and or repair their existing work or processes. Edaptive's range of services includes:

• Audit and analyze the content to be converted

• Analyze target schema

• If schema exists, identify and define enhancements to provide better linking, searches, extraction, embedding, etc.

• Develop DTD / schema requirements, including tagging and metadata model

• Define output requirements: online, mobile, print, ePub

• Develop the application that transitions input data to proper XML format

• Document conversion

• Perform quality assurance activities on converted content

• Write and update specifications / functional documentation

• Establish and maintain regular metadata and document feed for ongoing conversion needs

• Maintain style sheet to ensure continued integrity

• Action change requests

Edaptive's experienced staff follow a proven process that ensures the highest quality output. Edaptive has converted standards, codes, regulations, company manuals and more to XML, HTML or Tagged HTML. Completed work includes conversion of ISO, ASTM, ASME, ICC, and AASHTO codes and standards.

Edaptive offers a free discovery consultation and sample conversion to demonstrate its capabilities and high quality.

Data Conversion

Automated conversion may not give you quality results and often needs extensive manual work to achieve desired results. Edaptive has created a multi-step process using a mix of proprietary tools, third party tools and manual effort that consistently produces the highest possible quality output. Examples of Edaptive's conversion capabilities include:

• PDF to XML
• PDF to RTF
• PDF to HTML 5 or XHTML
• Word to XML
• FrameMaker to XML
• Generate ePub format

Edaptive's competitive pricing is based on the complexity of the input documents and the schema and features required. Edaptive can also help you to continue to extract value from your previous investments by reusing your existing documents in a different format.

Let Edaptive demonstrate its conversion quality excellence by converting an initial set of content, using your tagging requirements, from your current format to your preferred destination format.

Suitable Documents for Conversion

Technical document you should consider converting to XML/HTML include:

• Standards
• Codes
• Handbooks
• Manuals
• Design Guides/Guidelines
• Commentaries
• Test Methods
• Bulletins
• Best/Recommended Practices
• Research Reports
• Proceedings, Periodicals, Journals and Magazines
• Other professional and technical publications.


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