Standards Development Platform

Your own customized online standards development platform
(Committee Participation + Balloting/Voting + Public commenting + Editing)

Edaptive's cloud based Authoring Platform provides organizations with a cost effective, fast, and intuitive way for their committees, working groups and other fora to collaborate online to create and revise standards, codes, practices, manuals, guidelines and other document types. No more passing around or checking Word files in/out!

When documents are loaded on the platform in XML/XHTML format, participants can comment at a section/paragraph level using the platform's integrated toolset. Participant comments are visible to other authorized committee members who can provide further input.

The Authoring Platform can also be combined with the Editing and Balloting modules, depending on your organization's needs. The Editing Module enables staff administrators to compile comments into subsequent revisions and a final publishing-ready (XML output) version. The Balloting module provides the voting mechanism for approving committee led document development.

The Platform and its modules are highly configurable to ensure that the specific nuances of your organization's development process can be implemented.

An organization developing a business plan to convert their content to XML/XHTML can easily overlook the authoring platform as a key component of their ROI justification. Contact Edaptive to learn how your organization can create a cohesive XML/XHTML strategy using Edaptive's range of technology services.


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