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"Thanks for all your help with our standards subscription offering powered by the Edaptive platform. In addition to being easy to work with and responsive, I really appreciate the thoughtful suggestions you have made for our consideration. The transition of customers ... to the Edaptive platform went smoothly. We've received wonderful comments from customers and, after just a short time, they feel really comfortable navigating the site. It was important to be able to build the platform utilizing PDFs, yet have the ability to become more sophisticated over time as we begin utilizing XML. Edaptive did a wonderful job converting several documents into XML for the initial phase - capturing all of the details in the original documents. ... look forward to converting most documents in future so that customers can fully utilize the platform's XML based features. With the .... branded Edaptive platform, and its integration with our internal systems, we've been able to ramp up sales of multiuser and multisite licenses..."

About Edaptive Platform

I wanted to say thank you for the great PDF conversion work you've done for us over the past few years.
Edaptive's attention to detail is marvelous, and your conversions come back to us so cleanly that we've been able to significantly reduce the amount of time we spend in Quality Control, allowing us to focus on all the other elements of our projects. In publishing regulatory content like we do, mistakes simply aren't acceptable, and we love being able to count on a trusted partner like Edaptive to provide text that matches another document exactly.
Also, I'd like to thank you for always responding promptly to our requests and remaining flexible with our ever-changing project deadlines. When we ask you to switch from one project to another project, and then back again, I realize that can get tedious. Again, you always respond promptly (and with a smile).

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Highlights from the reference letter:
Cleanest programming and System Analysis, Imaginative, Handle Complex searches, Timely submissions, Exemplary.

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